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Lilla Rose Information Added 10/22/2012



PO Box 3117
La Habra California  90632
888 519 8889


Lilla Rose
John Dorsey, Founder

Lilla Rose Information:

Company Goals

From the company website: “At Essanté Worldwide we provide wellness alternatives designed to improve lives, and enable personal prosperity.”

Enrollment Options

There are 2 enrollment kits available to new Lilla Rose Consultants: the $49.95 Party Kit for those who do not want to carry inventory; or the $99.95 Show Kit for those who want to market Lilla Rose products at shows, boutiques and craft events. New Consultants can also purchase additional inventory worth $1,100.00 for $500.00 when enrolling. All kits include a personalized website, replicated e-store, and backoffice.

Compensation Plan

Lilla Rose Consultants earn a minimum of 30% of retail prices, plus bonuses up to 45%.

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